Saturday, September 12, 2009

Will The Real Americans Please Stand Up!

Believe it or not this article was actual inspired by the Toby Keith video linked above. I will be posting this on of my blogs & syndication.

With 9/12 just around the corner & the debate on health care heating up, it's hard not to be excited about the conservative movement. If you want to read something positive, just stop now. I'm not about to claim that America is on the right track, or that it's even getting better. I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. I do not understand how anyone can. Over the summer I did very little in politics, mostly because I was suffering from what some might call depression. Most of my writings from that time period were too negative to post, but I have decided to sum them up here.
America has become a cesspool for corruption & greed. Our politicians are liars & most citizens accept that fact. Why is this? Are you & I, the patriotic, thinking Americans the cause? Of course not. We look at the world from a sensible point of view & have our priorities straight. The reason we are in this mess is because for the past decade we have been a nation in excess. There's generally nothing wrong with excess but unfortunately excess sometimes causes laziness. Americans got lazy. The generation who are of voting age now grew up caring more about music, movies & television than politics. This has carried over to my generation. I was having a conversation about health care reform with a friend at school this morning & someone turned to me saying "Can you guys stop talking about that, it's not even important." The person then proceeded to start a conversation about Jon & Kate Plus 8. This is this is the world we live in.
The current voting generation has been brainwashed into thinking that E News is more important that Fox News. They have a tendency to look towards celebrities for political information. This is a disgrace. To think that these people have children! Imagine what my generation will grow up to be! Let's get a quick preview shall we?
On Tuesday I was told by a fellow student at my high school that I should have to watch the President's speech to minors because "He's the President & you have to do what he says." That of course was a less informed, less intellectual teenager. Let's take a look at what the "thinking" teens have to say. Liberal teen blogger Markus Batchelor once told me that quote "sometimes the Constitution has to be usurped in order to pass legislation" He is absolutely right. The problem is that legislation which usurps the Constitution is unconstitutional! Some of these people will be voting in less than a year.
I suppose I can't ask where my America has gone because my ideal America hasn't existed in my lifetime. I do ask you this though, where has YOUR American gone? Where are the patriots wiling to take a stand against liberalism & flat out idiocy? Where are the great Americans who value politics more than Jon & Kate Plus 8? Where are the people who believe that the Constitution is the most important & binding document in American history & will do anything to protect it? Will the real Americans please stand up?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You're Being Lied To & I'm Not Going To Stand For It!

I hope he fails. Can we take a look into the actual meaning behind those words? The political arena has become a world of name calling & lies, especially on the left. Recently on his radio show Rush Limbaugh said "I Hope He Fails" when speaking to a caller. The audio & video clips of this occurrence have gone viral, but how many people are getting the real meaning behind the words?

I'm about to tell you something you probably were unaware of. A few days after his now infamous show Rush Limbaugh...actually...clarified! (gasp!) I'm sure you never knew this, nor did you know Rush EVER clarified on ANYTHING. That's the side of Rush the big 5 don't tell you about.

But in fact later that week he said and I quote: "In terms of policy obviously yes I want him to fail! Mr. Obama's policies not failing would mean failure for the country. In terms of Presidency I hope he succeeds! I hope he's the next Ronald Reagan! Remember folks, there's a difference between policy & presidency."

Now that's weird! That doesn't sound like mean, old, greedy, fat, Rush! That's because Rush isn't really that mean. He's not that greedy. He's not that old. He's not that... OK fine, I'll give you the fat one. But do we see the media reporting this? Of course not. Tingly Leg Man, I mean Chris Mathews will never talk about the clarification. The New York Times will never have a headline reading "Policies Are different that presidencies!". Why? Because they only show the side of the story that THEY like. The side that best pushes their agenda.

In another case the liberal media attacking a private citizen, a local weatherman in Tampa was put on Keith Olberman's "world's worst people" list. All five of Olberman's viewers watched as he described the evil weatherman's despicable acts. The truth is that the Tampa weatherman simply stated that due to recent ordinarily warm March weather here in Florida many scientists were beginning to question global warming. He also stated that several climatologists believed were were in a cooling period & had been for the last ten years. Pure evil!

So what am I saying? I'm trying to get the point across that maybe, just maybe the people you're getting your news from are corrupt. Maybe, just maybe you're being lied to on a daily basis. And maybe, just maybe you'll be one of the few to do something about it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Yeah We Meant That" Marathon Schedule

The Yeah We Meant That Marathon will be on Saturday, April 4th from 8 AM to 10 PM Central time. Here is the expected line up. If you want to be on the show, email Dr. Pete at

8:00 AM-The Dr. Pete Show

9:00 AM-Homestead


11:00 AM-Do The Right Thing Radio

12:00 PM-The Master Policy

1:00 PM-Freedom Swings: Open Line Saturday

2:00 PM-Domination Radio

3:00 PM-Radio Active Radio

4:00 PM-Spin This

5:00 PM-Paul Courtier

6:00 PM-Political Vindication: Special Guest Larry Pratt

7:00 PM-JABB

8:00 PM-Independent Politic

9:00 PM-Head2Head End Party

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No, That's Called Socialism

Well the stimucrap bill has passed. It's time to take a stand! Call your representatives & tell them you're tired of the crap!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Yeah We Really Meant That" Foundation

Welcome to the homepage of the "Yeah We Really Meant That" Foundation. We hope you'll come back again & again to get information on what our terrible government is doing. Please listen to the news posted hear & find ways that you can do it in your community. If you are a blogtalkradiohost you can join the marathon in planning by emailing Pete Gasperson at If you would like to be a guest in the marathon please email Pete at the address above.